Aimersoft iPhone Transfer

Aimersoft iPhone Transfer

Aimersoft iPhone Transfer is a powerful iPhone transfer tool...

Aimersoft iPhone Transfer is a powerful iPhone transfer tool to transfer videos and songs between iPhone and iTunes, and transfer iPhone to PC in an extremely easy way.

This iPhone Transfer is a powerful computer to iPhone Transfer which allows you to backup videos\songs from PC to iPhone directly without connecting iTunes.

It is also an iPhone to PC transfer which helps you transfer iPhone video and music to PC smoothly. In addition, it allows you to transfer iPhone video/music to iTunes easily.

1. Transfer iPhone files to PC smoothly Turn your iPhone as a portable hard disk by to transfer video, music and playlist from your iPhone to PC without any limitation to use your iPhone with a new PC or to use your iPhone in more than one PC.

2. Backup videos/songs from computer to iPhone directly Empower you total freedom to make complete copy of media library on your computer to iPhone directly without boring to connect iTunes.

3. Transfer iPhone video/music to iTunes easily Allow you to transfer your iPhone playlist such as music, video or TV shows to iTunes easily. 4.

Organize your entire digital collection in iPhone in an easy way Offer you full control over the management of your digital collection in your iPhone.

You can add new playlist, delete file and so on to organize your music and video files easily. 5. Manage your iPhone playlist in an easy way Put an amazing management experience in the palm of your hand to manage your iPhone playlist.

You can add new playlist, delete playlist etc in an easy way. 6. Browse iPhone file information in details With this iPhone Transfer, you can get the detailed information about your music and video file in iPhone such as Artist, Album, Genre, etc.

7. Support quick search of music and video file Provide you a convenient way to find your desired music and video file in iPhone. You can get the exact file you need by typing any information of the file.

Or you can search the file according to its Name, Artist, Album and Genre. 8. Transfer videos/songs between iPod Touch and PC freely Help you transfer videos/songs from iPod Touch to PC, and transfer them from PC to iPod Touch.

9. Auto update and free technical support Check for update automatically for your convenience to ensure you always get the latest version of iPhone Transfer.

Provide totally free and prompt technical support all the time. 10. Easy to Use With easy-to-use interface, you will finish the entire transferring task with only a few clicks, whether you are a fresh hand or a veteran.

Aimersoft iPhone Transfer


Aimersoft iPhone Transfer